25 Feb

Well, as most of you don’t know (because you don’t read our releases…)…


Feel free to read our lasts releases to understand what’s going on, or, if you’re feeling tired today… then just go here to find our manga (on our new site) and here to find our manwha :)

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Hope to see you around!


Release #59

02 Jan

Hello! Happy New Year for everyone! I really hope all your wishes come true this year, and you achieve whatever you want :)
So, this will be Loyal Kiss’ last release. And I hope you enjoy it. Our ymail account will still be checked, so you can contact with us whenever you feel like; besides this forum won’t be deleted, nor the website. We’ll come by here once everywhile too.
Be sure to check the previous releases if you haven’t yet, so that you know about the projects and where they are going.

Today’s releases

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Volume 2: c08 c09 c10;
Volume 3: c11 c12 c13 and c14
We did a race against time and we finished this series! Enjoy it!

Sora v03 c09 and c10
We weren’t able to finish the last 2 chapters of this volume. So you’ll find more in our new group: Whisper

A oneshot that was hidden somewhere in the forum. Enjoy it!

And finally, the link to our new website
Added note from eternal: you’ll see us popping up later this year so don’t worry, you’ll see us around ;)




Release #58

26 Dec

And finally, christmas day! Yesterday, we’ve announced that we’re splitting up into two groups: to Whisper for manga projects and merging with Rosa Negra for Hwang Mi Ri projects. Most of our projects will still be worked on! but today, we’re announcing the projects we will NOT continue (reasons explained below).

Love Like Crazy
Love SOS
Roses Dedicated to Him (He’s Dedicated to Roses) High Quality
School Girl
Trouble G

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Kimi ni Todoke
Hinadori Girl
Joshidaisei Kateikyoushi Hamanaka Ai
Lion Maru G
M to N no Shouzou

And the long grueling reasons…
Love Like Crazy and Love SOS because our deal with Eclipse is off. Eclipse provided raws for us in exchange for translations, but there were several unfortunate mixups on our part including translators going missing and files labeled as one translation, but not being that translation at all… all in all, expect these continued by Eclipse at the very least, but sorry. Things just didn’t work out for us.
Roses Dedicated to Him: Loyal Kiss wanted to release the HQ version of it, even though it is completely scanlated on mangafox by someone, but admin left and so did the members who wanted to do it.
School Girl: no staff seemed interested in working on it.
Tiara: no raws.
Trouble G: no staff seemed interested in working on it.
ARISA because it’s a licensed project and like I said with KnT< I want Whisper to have a clean slate. expect this project to be continued by our joint partner, Titania.
Kimi ni Todoke because of several reasons. Mainly, we didn’t have a good enough translator and editor for it so it was all on me. I love this project (you have no idea to what extent) but that was why it caused me so much stress, TOO much stress. I can’t keep it up by doing it on my own. We’re talking about someone who knows NOTHING about Japanese (ME!!) changing and proofreading the script SIX HOURS PER DAY FOR TWO DAYS so it’s accurate and flows well. WHAT??? Yes. I didn’t care about another group scanlating this because we could do so much better (just look at our release today), but it really just came down as more stress to me. It’s just not right. That aside, it’s licensed so there’s that too. Whisper will be a group that does not do licensed projects. If anyone wants to pick up where we left off, we have HQ raws so if you want them, pm me.
Hinadori Girl is licensed and lacked an interested editor.
Joshidaisei Kateikyoushi Hamanaka Ai because no one was really interested in it.
M to N no Shouzou is licensed and no one was really interested in it.
Lion Maru G because no one was really interested in it.

On the brighter side, here is, again, where the ~continued~ projects are going:

Projects going to Rosa Negra
Advent of snow white to hell
A love in 100 days
Become Habituated to Kiss
Cinderella Story
High School Bullying
I like a beautiful guy
Lover Puzzle
Love Bullet
Princess just for me
She’s Scary
Ugly duckling to Swan

Projects going to Whisper
Are you Alice?
W Change!!
She is Mine

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Day Release
Princess Just for Me v02 pt3
Bec Habituated to Kiss v04 pt4 -vol4 has been finished!
ugly duckling to swan v03 pt3 and pt4 -vol3 has been finished!
hinadori girl c12, c13, c14, c15, c16, and c17
Kimi ni Todoke v11 full volume, c43-46: grab at our forum


Release #57

25 Dec

Hello everyone!
Happy Holidays!!

We have a huge load of stuff for you!! The Staff has been working really hard these last weeks, just to bring you all these releases!! We really hope you enjoy them.

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But today, we also want to tell you something else. This will be the one of the 3 last releases of Loyal Kiss. The manwha projects, including everything by Hwang Mi Ri, will be taken by Rosa Negra and some of our staff who will be going there with them. The manga projects will be coming with Angie and Eternal to a new group called Whisper. Our new website is under construction so we won’t link you now, but as soon as it’s ready, I’ll post it and you’ll know where to find us :)
To make things a little more clear, here I write a list of the projects, and where they are going. People will be working on them, so there’s nothing to worry about. You will still be able to find your projects, but just in different places.
We’ll be releasing today, tomorrow and by new year; trying to finish up some projects.

Projects going to Rosa Negra
Advent of snow white to hell
A love in 100 days
Become Habituated to Kiss
Cinderella Story
High School Bullying
I like a beautiful guy
Princess just for me
She’s Scary
Ugly duckling to Swan

Projects going to Whisper
Are you Alice?
W Change!!
She is Mine
Some new ones~
(those not listed are planned to be fully released by New Year)

This forum and our ymail account will remain, so we’ll still keep in touch. Now, enjoy the releases!! And we really wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Eve Release
Sora c08.5 – a christmas special! last chapter from vol2! only vol3 left!
Delilah’s Mystery c06 – last chapter of this series! really sad, but hope you enjoy it!
ILLUSION c01 and c02 – This is an experimental genre. It’s a manwha that’s horror and mature, so you might want to snuggle up with someone before reading it xD
Adventure and Trouble Diary c07 -joint with Easy Going Scans
Confession Club v03 extra 1 and extra 2 – with this, the series is finished!
Advent of Snow White v03 part 1 part 2 part 3 and part 4 – a whole volume!! whaaaa! can’t believe it :D try to make it last and don’t read it in 4 seconds
She’s Scary v05 part 3 and part 4 -vol5 finished!

EDIT: sorry for the inconvenience folks. Regarding Advent of Snow White v03pt1, there seems to be a mediafire problem with the server the file was uploaded to. Angie, who has the original file, is away for vacation so I don’t have access to it at all. Angie will be back in a few days so in the meantime, cross your fingers and hope the link starts working again soon (mediafire is pretty quick with fixes though).


Release #56

29 Nov

Hello everyone!!
Sorry I couldn’t upload before… an about-to-become-graduate’s life is quite complicated xD

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Here are this weekend releases! Remember to thank all our staff for the hard-work!

And get yourselves prepared for a special release on Christmas!!

W -change!! c00
A new project! Enjoy the prologue!

Confession club c11 and c12
With this two chaps, the manga is over! However, await the 2 extras for next release!!

Ugly duckling to Swan v03 pt2
This chap ends with such a cliff-hanger!!

I Like a Beautiful guy v04 pt3 and pt4
Volume 4 is finished!!

Secret Dance
This is a one-shot that was started by FE… and now, finally it sees the light! Enjoy it!!

EDIT by eternal:
A long awaited release. No more messing around, this is where the real story starts!!

This is a joint with the very lovely Scarlet Carnival :)
Are you Alice c08
Are you Alice c09
Are you Alice c10
Are you Alice c11

ps. You’ll find some links in 4shared, sorry about it. I haven’t been able to upload to Mediafire in the past days…


Release #55

15 Nov

Okay guuyyyysss
How’s everything?
Hope you’re not as stressed as I’m feeling right now!

We reaaally have more chapters to release… but there have been some problems (as usual) so expect them sometime in the middle of the week (if we’re lucky)

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Today’s releases:
Confession club story 10

Kiri c03

Become Habituated to Kiss v04 pt3

Princess Just for Me v02 part 2

Sora ni Taiyou ga Aru Kagiri v02c08

See you next time!


Release #54

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

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How are you going to dress up?! th_155.gif

I really hope you have a good time today :) And get lots of candies! (and scare some neighbours) :P

Well, I’ll admit I had totally forgot about this release, but here it is!

Today’s releases:

Advent of Snow White to Hell v02 pt4

Sora c07

She’s Scary v05 pt2

High School Bullying v01 pt2
Joint with HMR Palace

Hope to see you around next time!


Release #53

23 Oct

Hey there~!

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Well, this one is a special release (yeah, don’t be too happy. You know there’s still one more week until we release. God hasn’t sent you a heavenly signal).

Today, we are saying goodbye to Tonari, releasing the last chapter of the first volume. I don’t know what you thought of this project, but I loved it. I cleaned all the volume, and I’m proud to have worked on it. It’s such a lovely story!
This was a joint with Titania scans group and because of some disagreements we are breaking the joint.

But Titania will keep the project, so don’t worry! (Actually, I’ll tell you the next chapter is quite ready!)

Tonari no kaibutsu-kun c04

I hope to see you around next week, for our every-two-weeks-bloody-yet-lovely-release!


Release #52

17 Oct

Hello there!

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We meet once again for this hugeee release!
Remember to thank our staff and all the joint groups we work with!

Today’s releases:

Become Habituated to Kiss
v03 pt4; v04 pt1 and v04 pt2

Cinderella story - Joint with Pink Rose Scans
v01 pt3 and v01 pt4
Group’s note: Yes… MU said we had already released it… and I don’t know what happened. I apologized. Here it is, at last!

Sora ni Taiyou ga Aru Kagiri:
v02 c06
Group’s note: Another chapter! Await more on the next release!

Delilah’s Mystery:
v01 c05

Love SOS – joint with Tasty Kiwi Scans
v08 pt1

Zanbara! – Joint with The Black Abyss
v02 c08

So, that’s all! We hope you enjoy it!
See you around in two weeks


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Release #51

01 Oct

Hello dear monsters!

We meet here once again, for our manga/manwha dosis.

But this is a very special release, because today is ETERNAL’S BIRTHDAY!!

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Happy birthday darling!

People should worship you for all the work you’d done. I do it myself (the worship part).
Meeting you was one of the greatest thing that happened to me. And I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you (actually, I think you’d be still here. We all know you left because I drove you crazy).

You left two months ago… and nothing’s the same without you (Don’t tell anyone, but the staff won’t work if you’re not running after them with a whip, like you used to do with me).

Thank God, you’d been behind the scenes, helping me out when necessary. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

I miss you each time I come to LK, and I really wish you could come back (and make all this lazy bums work!).

Once again,


So, the releases!

Become Habituated to Kiss
v03 part 3
Group’s note: There’ll be more soon!

I like a Beautiful Guy v04
v04 part 1 ; v04 part 2
Group’s note: We begin volume 4! With bike races and cops included!

Lover Puzzle
v02 part 4
Group’s note: At least, we finished the second volume. Starting next volume, this will be a joint with Rosa Negra. Await more releases!

Kiri – the route of infection KANARIA
Check our [forum]!
Group’s note: This chapter has been done by Eternal! (She loves it that much)

Advent of Snow White to Hell:
v02 part 3
Group’s note: Another partner will join Snow? What’s happening in Hell? Read it to find out!

Arisa c16
Another chapter of this famous series. Where’s Manabe? What’s going on? Check our [forum] to read it!
Group’s note: Joint with Titania

Sora ni Taiyou ga Aru Kagiri
v02 c05
So, that’s it!! (And it was a lot!)

To LK staff: I really love you. You know that all the begining was a joke :D You work really hard to keep this alive. Thank you.

One last thing: for all korean translators out there (our staff too), please contact with
Crazyshooting by pm on the forum. She needs you!